How to write your C.V

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Al Mowasah Campus

MSL Leader: Mohamed Lawlaby

Project Manager: Fathy Al Bana

From: 2016/12/24

To: 2016/12/24

If you are applying to an Elective, Masters or PhD program in a foreign country and struggling to get that perfect looking CV? 
When writing a CV, you can face a daunting task in differentiating yourself from other applicants.
So MSL team is honored to announce the registration for How to write your C.V session to learn the tips & tricks to show your talents in your CV. ... !! Our goal:
- How to make a professional C.V
- Main points to cover in your C.V
- Most common mistakes & how to avoid them
- The Importance of the C.V
All of this is completely FREE All you have to do now is filling in this form ðð and wait for our session on Saturday at Elmwasah, 2 pm ðð https://goo.gl/forms/nqNrG9VSyRQxobSp1